Vincent Mason, “Can’t Just Be Me” – EP Review

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Vincent Mason, a rising star on the country music scene, has been a source of anticipation and intrigue for listeners with their finger on the pulse over the past year. Despite having no official projects, his few individual singles have consistently sparked a buzz. However, that changed on May 24th with the release of his unique debut EP, Can’t Just Be Me.

Three of the six songs in the collection were released over the last three months and helped excite listeners for the rest of the project. One of the standout tracks was “Hell is a Dance Floor,” which initially gained popularity on TikTok. The melancholy tune captures the emotions of heartbreak, portraying the pain of seeing a former lover on the dance floor with someone else. This track immediately caught the attention of listeners and deservedly so. It was the first time the world recognized his unique vocals. His songwriting was also displayed, and this wasn’t a generic “seeing your girl with a new guy” song. Bolstered by plenty of clever wordplay, it’s a refreshing take on a refreshing take on a classic scenario.

Brett Truitt’s production helps the EP take the next step, especially with the involvement of the harmonica. It keeps the production fresh and fun and makes for a much more entertaining listen rather than relying on the acoustic guitar to carry all six songs. It showcases another aspect of Vincent’s skill set, demonstrating his ability to play the instrument skillfully. While the EP could benefit from more diversity, it works well with only six songs. However, additional diversity would be welcome on a potential album.

One of the standout tracks is “Really Don’t Love Me.” It’s an immediate toe-tapper and an easy listen despite being a breakup song. While the overall message is down-in-the-dumps, as the girl is moving on without our protagonist, it’s hard not to get out of your chair to dance along. Again, The harmonica helps take the song to the next level, providing a slick musical “X factor” and mixing things up.

While the EP includes a few sorrowful songs, not all six tracks fall into that category. “May Be” is a heartwarming love song and an early standout, showcasing another side of Vincent’s songwriting. He proved he isn’t all about sad, despondent music. Granted, this is the only song not about heartbreak, but it’s enough to show he isn’t just a broken record.

“Can’t Just Be Me” is divided into upbeat, slow, and sad energies. The main issue is that all three upbeat songs sound incredibly similar, and the same goes for the three gloomier ones. It is either one or the other. The lack of variance robs Vincent Mason of the chance to push boundaries and cultivate a unique sound. As good as these songs are, it would be nice for Mason to find something that makes him stand out, especially when the competition among young artists is higher than ever.

With that in mind, Vincent Mason is still only 23. For a debut project, “Can’t Just Be Me” is very impressive. It’s rare for an artist to make such a strong early impression, and Vincent has done so successfully. There is room for improvement, but that will always be true with young artists. He is just a few steps away from establishing a signature sound for people to associate with his name immediately. The newly-signed UMG Nashville artist did enough to prove that he has more to say beyond “Hell On the Dance Floor” and to excite listeners for subsequent releases.


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