Zach Bryan Shares “The Great American Bar Scene” Release Date

The Great American Bar Scene
Louie Nice

In a rare move that blends music, culture, and community, Zach Bryan has unveiled plans for his upcoming album, “The Great American Bar Scene,” set to be released on July 4th. The announcement, made via social media, is right on brand with Zach’s never-ending goal to find unique ways to connect with his fans.

Bryan, a singer-songwriter known for his poignant lyrics and relatable storytelling, has curated a list of 23 bars across the country that he believes encapsulate the spirit of American culture. Starting June 24th, these bars will play select tracks from the album, offering fans an exclusive preview.

“My intent with all this is to give everyone an early glimpse of this album, but more importantly, this is in the spirit of bringing people together for a memorable moment,” Bryan shared in his announcement. The initiative aims to create a shared experience, inviting fans to gather in these iconic venues to listen to the new music and celebrate the release together.

The selected bars, ranging from the Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA, to the Shannon Tavern in Glendale, CA, represent a diverse cross-section of American life. Each venue, with its unique character and history, will play host to an evening of music and camaraderie, embodying the album’s theme of unity and shared experiences.

While Bryan has expressed his wish to perform at each location, logistical constraints make it impossible. However, he has committed to visiting several of these bars to meet fans and share a drink, ensuring a personal connection with his audience.

Bryan has already released two tracks from the record: “Pink Skies” and “Purple Gas.” “Purple Gas” was a Noliene Hoffman song that she allowed Bryan to join and include in his upcoming project.

While Zach’s last project was Boys of Faith just last September it feels like a long time coming by his standards. Since he released his major-label debut American Heartbreak in May of 2022, he has released a live album, a studio album, two EPs, and an abundance of one-off singles. 

Bryan is currently halfway through his “Quittin’ Time” stadium tour. Support includes artists like the Turnpike Troubadours, Sierra Ferrell, Levi Turner, The War and Treaty, and more. Information about tickets is available on his website

As the country prepares for the July 4th holiday, “The Great American Bar Scene” is set to become the soundtrack of the summer, inviting listeners to raise a glass to the stories and spirit of America. With Zach Bryan at the helm, this album promises to be a memorable chapter in the ongoing narrative of American music.

The Great American Bar Scene will be available everywhere on July 4th

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