Post Malone Teases New Song With Blake Shelton

Post Malone
Adam DeGross

Post Malone, the versatile talent known for his genre-defying hits, posted a short snippet of a new, unreleased track featuring yet another country star; this time, he’s dueting with Blake Shelton. This announcement follows the success of Malone’s recent chart-topping collaboration with Morgan Wallen, “I Had Some Help,” which currently sits at #1 on Billboard’s Global 100.

Adding to the excitement, Post Malone hinted at a forthcoming country album expected later this year. This move into the country genre follows his successful forays into various musical styles, further showcasing his versatility as an artist. Earlier this year, Malone teased another country collaboration with Luke Combs, heightening anticipation for his new project.

From the early snippet Post Malone’s new single with Shelton sounds like a hit, with that same bouncy, radio-country sound. While many expected Posty’s country project to lean more towards Appalachian singer-songwriter music, it’s feeling more and more like this record will have a decidedly mainstream slant. Thus-far, every song we’ve heard has had a big hook and an equally big mainstream star, and generally sounds a lot more like Morgan Wallen than Tyler Childers.

The buzz surrounding the new single is further amplified by the success of “I Had Some Help,” a collaboration with Morgan Wallen that has dominated the charts and showcased Malone’s ability to cross musical boundaries. The track’s success on Billboard’s Hot 100 underscores Malone’s global appeal and knack for crafting hits that resonate worldwide.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the full release of the new single, which is expected to drop in the coming weeks. The collaboration with Blake Shelton, combined with the promise of an upcoming country album, signals an exciting new chapter in Malone’s career.

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