Maggie Antone Announces New Album “Rhinestoned”

Via Facebook

Appalachian up-and-comer Maggie Antone announced she will release her debut album, Rhinestoned, on August 23rd. The title track for the record will come out on July 17th.

With a total of 10 tracks, three of which have already been released, this album could mark a significant turning point in Antone’s career. These early releases have already begun to captivate audiences, hinting at the potential for her to reach a broader fan base.

Antone has been on a roll, with a flurry of recent releases in 2024. Her latest single, the heartfelt “Everyone But You,” was just dropped on Wednesday, June 5th, and followed hot on the heels of the release of her more lively and spirited track, “Johnny Moonshine.” 

Maggie will also be making an appearance at this year’s CMA Fest. She will play at Country Central’s showcase at Fan Fair X. She’ll hop up on stage along with Midland, Tucker Wetmore, and Kashus Culpepper. 

Maggie Antone has become a fun artist to watch as of late, and her debut album should be an exciting look into the 21-year-old’s future. Rhinestoned will be available everywhere on August 23rd, and the title track will be available everywhere on July 17th.

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