HARDY Release New Single “JIM BOB”

Jim bob
Tanner Gallagher

Just two weeks after the release of his current single “PSYCHO,” HARDY is already back with a wild new track called JIM BOB, straight off of his forthcoming third album “QUIT!!” Though HARDY is known to blend equal parts country music and hard rock on his records, this track makes no pretenses about being sonically country. This is a blistering, electro-rock thrasher built around HARDY’s idyllic redneck lifestyle.

The lyrics of “JIM BOB” paint a vivid picture of a character who embodies HARDY’s ideals of defiance and self-reliance. The song’s protagonist, Jim Bob, is a free spirit who lives life on his own terms, despite societal pressures to conform. This theme resonates throughout the album, which, like much of HARDY’s music, looks to be filled with tracks that challenge norms and celebrate individuality.

As previously mentioned, “JIM BOB” is a stark departure from the traditional country sound, with its hard-hitting guitar riffs and energetic drum beats. The song’s chorus is written as an anthem for anyone who feels misunderstood or out of place, with lines that seek to speak to the heart of the outlier.

HARDY is currently out on his “QUIT!!” summer tour in support of the upcoming LP, alongside supporting acts Kip Moore, Ella Langley, and more. Tickets are available now at HARDY’s website. The album is slated for release on July 12th, with the singles “ROCKSTAR,” “PSYCHO,” “JIM BOB” “QUIT!!” available now.

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