49 Winchester Release New Song “Fast Asleep”

49 Winchester
Thomas Crabtree

Renowned for their soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, 49 Winchester has just released “Fast Asleep,” the second single from their upcoming fifth studio album, Leavin’ This Holler, set to drop on August 2nd. The band describes this track as an “emotional sledgehammer” and a significant evolution in their musical journey.

“Fast Asleep” holds a special place in the hearts of 49 Winchester’s members. Originally one of the very first songs the band created, it had fallen by the wayside over time. Recognizing its potential, the band decided to revive and refine the piece for their next LP, resulting in a version that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

The revamped “Fast Asleep” features the lush addition of strings from the prestigious Czech National Symphony Orchestra, enhancing the song’s emotional depth. Noah’s pedal steel work in the chorus adds a layer of richness, while producer Stewart Myers’ (@stewartmyers26) studio vision has brought a fresh and modern perspective to the track.

“We’re very proud of how it turned out and can’t wait for you to hear!” the band shared in their announcement. The song’s release is accompanied by a call for fans to pre-save and pre-order “Leavin’ This Holler,” hinting at more exciting music to come.

“Fast Asleep” is available on all major streaming platforms now. For more information and to pre-order the album, fans can visit or check out the link in the band’s bio.

Coming out of their breakout record Fortune Favors the Bold, 49 Winchester continues to captivate audiences with their evolving sound and heartfelt storytelling. The upcoming album Leavin’ This Holler will be out everywhere on August 2nd.

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