Four Things We Hope To See On Megan Moroney’s Next Album

Megan Moroney
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After her debut album, Lucky, made waves with a pair of hits in “Tennessee Orange” and “I’m Not Pretty,” country newcomer Megan Moroney is back and better than ever with her sophomore record, Am I Okay?, set to hit all music streaming services on July 12th. 

“MY SOPHOMORE ALBUM, AM I OKAY? IS OUT JULY 12TH!!! Wow, wow, I can’t believe it’s happening again already; my debut album came out 362 days ago & I’ve spent the past year doing nothing but touring, writing this record & living in the studio getting it ready for y’all,” Moroney wrote via Instagram, sharing the news with her followers. “I love these songs SO much & I can’t wait for you to hear them… OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME & MY MUSIC. I COULD CRY.”

While Lucky was nothing short of sensational, chances are that the 26-year-old will be taking her second album in a slightly different direction, pre-releasing tunes like “No Caller ID,” “June 28th,” and “Indifferent” that show Moroney’s growing maturity since her debut; she’s becoming more comfortable with her role as a country music A-lister and showing her vulnerable side more than ever before, all while staying true to her signature “Emo Cowgirl” style. With so many directions her sophomore record could go, we’ve pinpointed four things we need to see on Megan Moroney’s latest effort.

More Mature Storytelling 

While Moroney is often praised as a true lyricist, drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift, we yearn for even more grown-up storytelling throughout Am I Okay?, showing that she is okay with pulling her cards away from her chest and letting her true colors shine. As if the release of “Indifferent” was not proof enough that Moroney’s sassy side will be on full display this time, Meg shared on Instagram that she has “been describing this album we’re making as Lucky’s cooler older cousin that can drink.” Whether or not we’ll see a more lyrically risque side of the artist on this LP is still TBD. Either way, personal, intelligent songwriting is easy to root for, and Megan Moroney has thrived on boldly specific storytelling. On Lucky’s spiritual successor, a lyrical atom bomb full of unbridled honesty could truly define this era.

A Collaboration

After releasing “Nothin’ Crazy” featuring Mackenzie Carpenter and “Fix You Too” featuring Kameron Marlowe on the deluxe edition of Lucky, as well as a duet with Old Dominion called “Can’t Break Up Now,” Moroney is no stranger to collaboration. Whether it’s on her song or as a featured artist, Meg knows how to stand out and create chemistry with the artist she’s singing with. While the pre-released songs on Am I Okay? are all solo endeavors, we can’t help but hope that at least one duet makes its way onto her sophomore record. Joining Zach Bryan onstage in the past and being a part of the same record label as Brooks & Dunn, Nate Smith, Morgan Wade, and more, Moroney has the opportunity to join forces with some of the biggest names in the country music industry. Meg has always been in her element as a soloist musing over her feelings, insecurities, and life’s drama, but as one of country music’s fastest-rising stars, a well-crafted duet with another big name could be a strong feather in her cap, especially in her pursuit of success on country radio.

More Danceability

While Lucky’s “Sleep on My Side” and “I’m Not Pretty” were enough to make the listener bust a move, or at least wiggle in their seat a little bit, the album itself is more defined by its beautiful ballads, notably “Tennessee Orange” and “Girl in the Mirror.” As far as Am I Okay? Its pre-released songs “No Caller ID” and “June 28th” are excellent, but they certainly fall into the ballad category nonetheless. At the same time, it is unclear what the rest of Am I Okay will sound like. As listeners, we can’t help but cross our fingers that some upbeat, danceable moments are yet in store, allowing Megan Moroney to occasionally take a break from being the ever-emotional “Emo Cowgirl.” Naturally, a new round of more lively tunes would make her live performances much more exciting. On the road to becoming a superstar phenom known in and out of country music like Zach Bryan and Morgan Wallen, Meg is establishing herself as a can’t-miss concert draw; a new batch of “hype songs” would be an outstanding addition to her sets.

“Man on the Moon”

Last but certainly not least, and at the risk of getting too specific, we need Moroney’s unreleased tune “Man on the Moon” to make its way onto Am I Okay?’s tracklist. Delivering some gleeful country twang, the song lets Moroney’s sassy side shine as she sings about sending her ex-lover away, putting another “Man on the Moon,” if you will. Performing it during her 2024 tour and at various festival dates as of late, Moroney struts around the stage as she belts out the triumphantly witty hit-in-waiting, “Man on the Moon” has the shameless danceability that we want to see on Am I Okay? and has the lyrical twists that can immediately enrapture new listeners. If this song does make the cut, it’s a strong sign of things to come for Megan Moroney, as it is one of the most energetic songs she’s ever cut and a convincing testament to her surging confidence as a fearless entertainer.

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